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Create your own garden decoration

Garden owners who want to create a unique and personal atmosphere in their garden, have many design options. With the right garden decoration, you can turn your garden into a true paradise – both for the eyes and for the soul.

Consider important aspects of garden design

First of all, it should be considered how the garden will be used. Should it be used for relaxing or should vegetables be grown there as well? Depending on how the garden will be used, the design should be adjusted. Another important aspect is the choice of plants. Here, care should be taken to ensure that they match the location.

Select colors and materials

Jewelry for hair in a summer gardenWhen it comes to decorating the garden, choosing the right colors and materials is crucial. The choice depends on the style. If a modern look is to be aimed for, clean lines and minimalist colors such as white, gray and black are a good choice. If a rustic charm is preferred, natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as warm shades like brown, green and orange are a better fit. The style should also be adapted to the house and its surroundings. In a rural area on a half-timbered house, the modern design tends to fit less well, while the rustic country style can seem strange in front of a new construction dwelling.

Ideas for garden decoration

Below are a few specific tips and inspirations for successful garden decoration.


Mobiles on trees can add a beautiful charm to the garden. Natural materials such as pebbles or branches are suitable for this purpose. But also semi precious stones wholesale look really good on a mobile in the garden: if the sun falls on it, the semi-precious stones sparkle in their different shades.


Especially at dusk, lanterns are particularly beautiful to look at. They are available individually or as a chain of lights. Some lanterns are equipped with solar panels and charge during the day, so that they start to glow all by themselves in the dark.

Create islands of tranquility

If the garden is also used for relaxation and recreation, it is especially nice to create islands of calm. For this purpose, a tent equipped with cushions or a cozy corner where deck chairs with color-matching pads can be placed.

Finding inspiration for garden design

Sometimes it can be difficult to find new garden design ideas. Fortunately, there are many ways to find inspiration. For example, you can look around garden centers or browse magazines and online blogs for ideas. Even a walk in the park or a visit to a botanical garden can help you gather new ideas.

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