Burnt Wood Cladding: unique wood products

Do you want an exceptional design for wood products? Then the method burnt wood cladding is something for you. This method, according to an ancient Japanese tradition, creates special wooden panels with a unique surface layer resulting from it. This is the result of the burning process by the coal.

Facade made of flamed wood

According to centuries-old Japanese tradition

The burnt wood cladding method is originally a centuries-old Japanese tradition. This method creates a unique product with controlled burning into the wood. The Shou Sugi Ban technique from Japan burns every single wooden panel in an oven, for example. This creates the surface layer of coal. The fire is now reflected by the texture of the wood and the color. You can use these processed wood types for different applications. Each piece has its own individual structure. You will also be amazed by the aesthetics and purely structural physical. The black burnt-in individual wood can be an aesthetic and sustainable cladding. This method is also used for modern furniture or interiors.

Method from Japan

The technique causes, for example, coniferous wood to be burned on one side. As a result, three boards are tied together into a chimney. Then a fire is lit underneath and a fire-retardant coal layer is created on the facade panels. This method, which originated in Japan, is still used there by many well-known architects. But here, too, the burnt wood cladding finds more and more enthusiasm. The architect Pieter Weijnen brought the method of the popular and black burnt wood to Europe. Here the burnt wood cladding has been combined with your own expertise and you can use this passion between the wood and the fire for your decorations.

Modern technologies

Modern technologies control the wood in workshops and specially developed furnaces. This is the name of the special process in the “burnt wood cladding”. The latest methods for charcoaling also guarantee homogeneity and a uniform technical specification. The latest products are constantly optimized with new fire technologies. New and sustainable types of wood are also used. The surface treatment is based on organic oil and resin. The companies constantly offer you new projects for the “burnt wood cladding” and you can also look for the news about this method on the Internet. The special process then creates a modern and trendy wood panelling. The traditional process optimizes here according to the old models. You can decide which surface option you choose: the naturally weathered version or rather the unoiled version? A lot is possible. A charred wood panelling makes itself good on old and new houses. Carbonization creates this unique structure. Choose special effects through the innovative method.