Facade design with Japanese tradition

flamed wood

Not only old buildings but also new buildings benefit from a cladding made of wood. Wooden houses and solid buildings in equal parts. Such a facade gives walls structure and protection. Wood is relatively easy to work on, which is the reason why many builders trust themselves to install a wooden facade on their own – but suddenly tricky places where structural damage can occur are overlooked. Whoever leaves the assembly to a professional is on the safe side, because this guarantees the quality of material and work. Exciting designs and high-quality material, offered by a manufacturer from Düsseldorf. Nakamotoforestry has the wood processed using the charred wood siding technique. Continue to see this link https://nakamotoforestry.co.uk/shousugiban/ and learn more about shousugiban.

What japanese burned wood is and what advantages it has

Whether building a house from wood or just cladding a facade, here you can choose from a variety of different types of wood. A very special one is japanese burned wood. In the following article you can find out what is so special about this wood and what advantages it brings.

This is japanese burned wood

If we are talking about japanese burned wood by GoodWood GmbH, this is the sickle fir from Japan. The terminology does not describe the type of wood, but rather the treatment of the wood. In contrast to what is otherwise known with wood, the surface is treated here. Not with any chemicals, but only with fire, more precisely with flames. The wood is exposed to the flames during surface treatment. Very important here, there is no burning of the wood. So the fire does not damage the wood in its strength, in its robustness. Rather, the surface is only slightly charred so that carbonization occurs here. This type of surface treatment of wood in Japan is also known as yakisugi. This method is not new, but has a very long tradition, particularly in Japan.

The benefits of japanese burned wood

Of course, the question of what benefits are associated with japanese burned wood. One advantage has already been mentioned for wood, namely carbonation. This carbonization of the surface of the wood makes the wood waterproof and also protects it from insects. It is precisely through these properties that you have the advantages of wood that you can save yourself any wood protection. So you don’t have to provide the wood with a wood preservative. Rather, treatment with the flame provides permanent protection, since the wood cannot weather. And, of course, this saves labor, but also money, since there is no maintenance.

Suitability from japanese burned wood

Due to the very good properties of wood and its treatment, this wood can be used very well outdoors. So you can use this wood in the basic construction, but of course also in the cladding of facades. The Japanese burned wood can not only be used in house construction, but also in other areas. So the wood also lends itself to furniture making. The special surface, which is not only black but also slightly charred, gives the wood a very special look. And this can then also be noticed in a piece of furniture.

Real stone optic for your walls

Walls covered in stone always looks stunning and spread some kind of luxury in your home. But a big problem with stone is the heaviness and the none existing flexibility of stone, for instance.

thin stone
Floors and Walls covered in stone are looking stunning and kind of luxurious

To solve this problem there is a solution called thin stone. This product is a thinly layered panel which has a 1.5 mm layer of real stone on top, backed by a fiberglass layer. As a result there is a stone sheet that can be used for any purpose you can think of. Inside and outside your home. More information on slate-lite.com.

Burnt Wood Cladding: unique wood products

Do you want an exceptional design for wood products? Then the method burnt wood cladding is something for you. This method, according to an ancient Japanese tradition, creates special wooden panels with a unique surface layer resulting from it. This is the result of the burning process by the coal.

Facade made of flamed wood

According to centuries-old Japanese tradition

The burnt wood cladding method is originally a centuries-old Japanese tradition. This method creates a unique product with controlled burning into the wood. The Shou Sugi Ban technique from Japan burns every single wooden panel in an oven, for example. This creates the surface layer of coal. The fire is now reflected by the texture of the wood and the color. You can use these processed wood types for different applications. Each piece has its own individual structure. You will also be amazed by the aesthetics and purely structural physical. The black burnt-in individual wood can be an aesthetic and sustainable cladding. This method is also used for modern furniture or interiors.

Method from Japan

The technique causes, for example, coniferous wood to be burned on one side. As a result, three boards are tied together into a chimney. Then a fire is lit underneath and a fire-retardant coal layer is created on the facade panels. This method, which originated in Japan, is still used there by many well-known architects. But here, too, the burnt wood cladding finds more and more enthusiasm. The architect Pieter Weijnen brought the method of the popular and black burnt wood to Europe. Here the burnt wood cladding has been combined with your own expertise and you can use this passion between the wood and the fire for your decorations.

Modern technologies

Modern technologies control the wood in workshops and specially developed furnaces. This is the name of the special process in the “burnt wood cladding”. The latest methods for charcoaling also guarantee homogeneity and a uniform technical specification. The latest products are constantly optimized with new fire technologies. New and sustainable types of wood are also used. The surface treatment is based on organic oil and resin. The companies constantly offer you new projects for the “burnt wood cladding” and you can also look for the news about this method on the Internet. The special process then creates a modern and trendy wood panelling. The traditional process optimizes here according to the old models. You can decide which surface option you choose: the naturally weathered version or rather the unoiled version? A lot is possible. A charred wood panelling makes itself good on old and new houses. Carbonization creates this unique structure. Choose special effects through the innovative method.

Well-structured contract filling and packaging

Specialists are increasingly hearing terms such as contract filling and packaging. These very technical terms alone illustrate the internationality, which is of course desirable and is being sought more and more. This makes it more important to find good partner programs and to build long-term cooperation. If this challenge succeeds, the positive aspect will be reflected in revenue in a timely manner.

contract filling and packaging

Professional and successful contract filling and packaging

The contract filling and packaging must of course be well overtaken down to the smallest detail. A clear structuring is the prerequisite for a smooth process. In order to meet this major objective, computer-aided systems are of the utmost importance. Of course, the size of the company is as important as the respective trading partners. Nevertheless, the respective programms helps with coordination. The overview is guaranteed at all times, spontaneous amendments can be made and nothing stands in the way of possible enlargement. Of course, some changes or restructuring are needed. But if you face this challenge, success can be even greater.

Contract filling and packaging plays a key role

In the age of globalization, targeted contract filling and packaging will become increasingly important. This issue has made a name for itself. You can see that different areas of our lives are affected and that the individual sectors have to work in a perfectly coordinated way. An exact timetable must be adhered to and the contracts must be taken into account reliably. Of course, in addition to technical equipment, the greatest importance must be attached to education or to the further training of individual employees. We need motivated professionals who are aware of the great responsibility. time and again there will be innovations that need to be integrated. Accordingly, the upcoming expenditure and new acquisitions must be taken into account. Only in this way can one be sure that everything can run smoothly and, of course, according to the ideas. This service is an enormous asset for end customers and the trading partners involved.

More information below: https://www.caramba.eu/en/contract-filling-and-packaging/

Become part of the success concept: contract filling and packaging

Are you looking for new challenges or would you simply like to reorientate yourself professionally? How about the big exciting topic of contract filling and packaging? Here you can become part of a well-structured company and show what is in you. If this is a now unknown industry, you could quickly change it. Find the contact, find out more and ask if necessary. Your interest can only develop to your advantage. You will notice that your new job can be a lot of fun for you. Above all, you are participating in a future-oriented activity that is very promising. Be curious – boredom certainly does not arise here.

Dry ice blasting – dry ice blasting for effective cleaning

Ideal for pretreatment of surfaces is the process of dry ice blasting. The dry ice blasting is directly transformed from a solid to a gaseous state with 5000 l of air per minute. The resulting pressure allows cleaning even of the smallest geometrical areas and guarantees absolute cleanliness right down to the last detail, making it suitable for rough surfaces or fabrics.

A good alternative to sandblast cleaning – gentle on the environment

The dry ice blasting process is environmentally friendly and completely carbon neutral. Without water and chemicals, even stubborn deposits on the cleaning objects are effectively blasted. The blasting agent consists of solid carbon dioxide, which itself is CO². By the supply of enormous amounts of air and the emergence of pressure, the gaseous rays bind with the dirt of the treated surfaces. These fall to the ground during cleaning and can thus simply be swept away or sucked up and disposed of with household waste, so that they do not pollute the environment.

What can dry ice blasting be used for?

Dry ice blasting is suitable for cleaning walls or rocks as well as for the treatment of convertible roofs and the removal of cavities in new cars. Stubborn dirt or deposits, for example due to lubricants can be removed with the dry ice blasting without much effort. Also Grafitti or bird droppings on house walls will be removed in no time. The process is increasingly used in the preservation of monuments, because the solution is cleaner and leaves significantly less residue. Manufacturers guarantee the safe removal of paint or other residues from construction work. Also, deposits such as pollen or particulate matter are effectively removed. Corrosive dust can be released hygienically and free of chemical substances.

Advantages of dry ice blasting over other processes

The use of dry ice has several advantages. The material is treated at minus 78 degrees and brought to its dry state. The process is environmentally friendly and the substance can be optimally transformed into a gaseous state with oxygen, which is helpful for deep cleaning.

Read more: http://white-lion.eu/en/glossary/dry-ice-blasting.html

In addition, dry ice is not flammable and inhibits bacteria. There is no moisture, which leads to unsightly new deposits. The tasteless and odorless carbon dioxide is also not contaminated with chemicals. Due to the properties of the dry ice, it can be used very well in any weather and also in the industry and is equally suitable for the outside and inside. A cleaning method that protects the environment and ensures a hygienic removal of dirt, which also removes even stubborn deposits and allows quick disposal. Dryice blasting is also easy to handle and facilitates preparation and physical effort.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is also known as dry ice dusting

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is about cleaning with dry ice blasting. This is a compressed air blast process where dry ice with a temperature of about minus 79 degrees is used. The dry ice is the solid carbon dioxide as blasting agent. The soft abrasive also removes stubborn contaminants thoroughly and so patina on metal or paints on steel. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is also known as dry ice dusting, CO2 blasting, dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning. Similarly, the dry ice blasting is the soda ray, plastic bead blasting or sand blasting.

What should be considered with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

In the compressed air stream, a medium is accelerated so that it occurs at the surface and prepares or cleans it. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning does not rub the hard surface abrasives, but uses soft dry ice. The dry ice is accelerated by the supersonic speed and the surface thus generates the mini-explosions. In the case of an underlying substrate, it is usually possible to remove the undesired substances simply and quickly. Compared to normal blasting media, Dry Ice Blast Cleaning has some important advantages. It is a non-conductive, non-abrasive and non-flammable cleaning method. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is environmentally friendly and it does not contain secondary pollutants.

Important Information for Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Blasting materials or solvents are not found in the process. After the process is clean, it is also approved for the food industry. Most objects can be cleaned and time-consuming disassembly on site is not necessary. With the mechanical or electrical parts there is no damage due to Dry Ice Blast Cleaning and there is no danger of fire. The process removes, for example, paints, release agents, oils, contaminants and biofilms. The process is often used for many general cleaning applications. The process is used in the automotive sector, for facades and buildings, in plant and industrial cleaning as well as in the catering and food industry.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is used for rim cleaning, underfloor, chewing gum and graffiti removal, for facades, stairs and walls, natural stone and walls, conveyors, generators, paint shops and filling and mixing equipment. The dry ice is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and there are no solvents or chemicals. The cleaning is fast and the downtime is short. The cleaning works residue-free and there is no taste impairment. Compared to sand blasting, dry ice blasting is often felt to be better because there is no abrasion and no dust. Corrosion coatings, release agents, paints, bituminous materials, glues and oils are excellently removed. Removes foreign and species-specific impurities in loose or solid form.

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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machine

The working precept of dry ice blast cleaning machine is much like that of steel grit blasting, plastic sand blasting and soda blasting machines. Dry ice machines are primarily applied to dry ice production and dry ice cleaning. Dry Ice Blasting is particularly efficient at cleaning industrial and production tools. Dry ice blasting machines could be additional differentiated as either dry ice block shavers or dry ice pellet blasters. Dry ice blasting is the process of using delicate dry ice accelerated at supersonic speeds to supply a non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive methodology of cleaning and surface preparation.

Dry Ice cleaning is understood by several names:

Dry Ice blasting,Dry Ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, and even environmentally sustainable cleaning. A dry ice machine works on the same precept as a sandblaster. Dry ice blasting is a relatively new cleaning course of using solid Co2 pellets (referred to as dry ice).

Dry ice blasting machines used on the windings of motor and generator tools must be sure that that the dry ice stream could be very even, and that the dry ice particle dimension is of even distribution. As we speak, dry ice blasting gear is being used in nearly all areas of industrial cleaning. Finally, dry ice provides a superior cleansing permitting for an extended machine life. Cleaning with Dry Ice is efficient and protected. Dry ice cleaning (also called dry ice blasting, dry ice blast cleaning, and dry ice dusting) is much like sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impression a surface to be cleaned or prepared. Most potential areas of injury will be eliminated simply by reducing the blast pressure on the dry ice blasting machine.

Dry ice blasting for industrial cleaning is in excessive demand.

The principle of Dry Ice Blasting using Ice Blasters is very similar to sand blasting. Dry ice blast cleaning is a course of that accelerates dry ice particles by excessive-velocity nozzles to impact the floor being cleaned. Dry-ice blasting expertise can hint its roots to traditional abrasive blasting The differences between an abrasive-blasting machine and a dry-ice blasting machine are in how they deal with the blast media.

Many sorts of supplies can be eliminated using an ice blasting machine. Dry ice blasting is understood by a number of names: dry ice blasting, dry ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, dry ice dusting, and even environmentally sustainable cleaning. One may use cleaning products for cleaning the floor. Dry ice utility is one of the makes use of, and dry ice machine rises to the event.

If you want more informations: http://white-lion.eu/en/dry-ice-devices/dry-ice-blasting-systems.html

Automotive industry with highly engineered products

corvetteWhether series parts or individual customer solutions, we have the goal of being the leading company for the development and manufacture of innovative products in the automotive industry. Technical skill requirements exist in most career fields, with the highest concentrations being employment in areas involving higher levels of scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical capabilities.

Global network and the meaning of it

Our global network and national coverage enables us to cover every facet of recruitment needs within the technical and engineering arena. The important event of the renaming of the College into the Technical University of Košice occurred on 13th February 1991. Technical Preview 1610: Technical Preview 1610 steht sowohl als konsoleninternes Update für Configuration Manager Technical Preview als auch als Basisversion auf der TechNet Evaluation Center-Website Technical Preview 1610 – The Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1610 was available as both an in-console update for the Configuration Manager Technical Preview, and as a baseline version. Technical Preview 1703: Technical Preview 1703 Technical Preview 1703 – The Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1703 is available as both an in-console update for the Configuration Manager Technical Preview, and as a new baseline version that is available from the TechNet Evaluation Center website.

How is the modern automotive industry?

The modern automotive industry is notoriously high stakes and competitive- traits that were amplified during the recent era of historic industry restructuring. WEGMANN automotive  For nearly a century, Eaton has been supplying the global automotive industry with highly engineered products that help to increase fuel economy as well as improve a vehicle’s overall efficiency, performance and control. Strategy has extensive experience working with global automotive vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, dealer groups, and finance companies to identify and build the essential capabilities they need to outperform.