What japanese burned wood is and what advantages it has

Whether building a house from wood or just cladding a facade, here you can choose from a variety of different types of wood. A very special one is japanese burned wood. In the following article you can find out what is so special about this wood and what advantages it brings.

This is japanese burned wood

If we are talking about japanese burned wood by GoodWood GmbH, this is the sickle fir from Japan. The terminology does not describe the type of wood, but rather the treatment of the wood. In contrast to what is otherwise known with wood, the surface is treated here. Not with any chemicals, but only with fire, more precisely with flames. The wood is exposed to the flames during surface treatment. Very important here, there is no burning of the wood. So the fire does not damage the wood in its strength, in its robustness. Rather, the surface is only slightly charred so that carbonization occurs here. This type of surface treatment of wood in Japan is also known as yakisugi. This method is not new, but has a very long tradition, particularly in Japan.

The benefits of japanese burned wood

Of course, the question of what benefits are associated with japanese burned wood. One advantage has already been mentioned for wood, namely carbonation. This carbonization of the surface of the wood makes the wood waterproof and also protects it from insects. It is precisely through these properties that you have the advantages of wood that you can save yourself any wood protection. So you don’t have to provide the wood with a wood preservative. Rather, treatment with the flame provides permanent protection, since the wood cannot weather. And, of course, this saves labor, but also money, since there is no maintenance.

Suitability from japanese burned wood

Due to the very good properties of wood and its treatment, this wood can be used very well outdoors. So you can use this wood in the basic construction, but of course also in the cladding of facades. The Japanese burned wood can not only be used in house construction, but also in other areas. So the wood also lends itself to furniture making. The special surface, which is not only black but also slightly charred, gives the wood a very special look. And this can then also be noticed in a piece of furniture.