Dry ice blasting – dry ice blasting for effective cleaning

Ideal for pretreatment of surfaces is the process of dry ice blasting. The dry ice blasting is directly transformed from a solid to a gaseous state with 5000 l of air per minute. The resulting pressure allows cleaning even of the smallest geometrical areas and guarantees absolute cleanliness right down to the last detail, making it suitable for rough surfaces or fabrics.

A good alternative to sandblast cleaning – gentle on the environment

The dry ice blasting process is environmentally friendly and completely carbon neutral. Without water and chemicals, even stubborn deposits on the cleaning objects are effectively blasted. The blasting agent consists of solid carbon dioxide, which itself is CO². By the supply of enormous amounts of air and the emergence of pressure, the gaseous rays bind with the dirt of the treated surfaces. These fall to the ground during cleaning and can thus simply be swept away or sucked up and disposed of with household waste, so that they do not pollute the environment.

What can dry ice blasting be used for?

Dry ice blasting is suitable for cleaning walls or rocks as well as for the treatment of convertible roofs and the removal of cavities in new cars. Stubborn dirt or deposits, for example due to lubricants can be removed with the dry ice blasting without much effort. Also Grafitti or bird droppings on house walls will be removed in no time. The process is increasingly used in the preservation of monuments, because the solution is cleaner and leaves significantly less residue. Manufacturers guarantee the safe removal of paint or other residues from construction work. Also, deposits such as pollen or particulate matter are effectively removed. Corrosive dust can be released hygienically and free of chemical substances.

Advantages of dry ice blasting over other processes

The use of dry ice has several advantages. The material is treated at minus 78 degrees and brought to its dry state. The process is environmentally friendly and the substance can be optimally transformed into a gaseous state with oxygen, which is helpful for deep cleaning.

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In addition, dry ice is not flammable and inhibits bacteria. There is no moisture, which leads to unsightly new deposits. The tasteless and odorless carbon dioxide is also not contaminated with chemicals. Due to the properties of the dry ice, it can be used very well in any weather and also in the industry and is equally suitable for the outside and inside. A cleaning method that protects the environment and ensures a hygienic removal of dirt, which also removes even stubborn deposits and allows quick disposal. Dryice blasting is also easy to handle and facilitates preparation and physical effort.