Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is also known as dry ice dusting

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is about cleaning with dry ice blasting. This is a compressed air blast process where dry ice with a temperature of about minus 79 degrees is used. The dry ice is the solid carbon dioxide as blasting agent. The soft abrasive also removes stubborn contaminants thoroughly and so patina on metal or paints on steel. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is also known as dry ice dusting, CO2 blasting, dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning. Similarly, the dry ice blasting is the soda ray, plastic bead blasting or sand blasting.

What should be considered with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

In the compressed air stream, a medium is accelerated so that it occurs at the surface and prepares or cleans it. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning does not rub the hard surface abrasives, but uses soft dry ice. The dry ice is accelerated by the supersonic speed and the surface thus generates the mini-explosions. In the case of an underlying substrate, it is usually possible to remove the undesired substances simply and quickly. Compared to normal blasting media, Dry Ice Blast Cleaning has some important advantages. It is a non-conductive, non-abrasive and non-flammable cleaning method. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is environmentally friendly and it does not contain secondary pollutants.

Important Information for Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Blasting materials or solvents are not found in the process. After the process is clean, it is also approved for the food industry. Most objects can be cleaned and time-consuming disassembly on site is not necessary. With the mechanical or electrical parts there is no damage due to Dry Ice Blast Cleaning and there is no danger of fire. The process removes, for example, paints, release agents, oils, contaminants and biofilms. The process is often used for many general cleaning applications. The process is used in the automotive sector, for facades and buildings, in plant and industrial cleaning as well as in the catering and food industry.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is used for rim cleaning, underfloor, chewing gum and graffiti removal, for facades, stairs and walls, natural stone and walls, conveyors, generators, paint shops and filling and mixing equipment. The dry ice is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and there are no solvents or chemicals. The cleaning is fast and the downtime is short. The cleaning works residue-free and there is no taste impairment. Compared to sand blasting, dry ice blasting is often felt to be better because there is no abrasion and no dust. Corrosion coatings, release agents, paints, bituminous materials, glues and oils are excellently removed. Removes foreign and species-specific impurities in loose or solid form.

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